Monday, July 28, 2003

Hot July Days, Birthday Surprise, Anniversary, Belknap Springs and Snake

July has been a very busy and hot month. Everything is so dry now which of course makes for a dangerous situation in the forests. But the upside to the hot weather is that our swimming pool gets used almost every day. For as much cleaning all year it is good to see it in use.

The fourth of July began with a real bang! We were preparing to have a few people out when I tore the cartilage in my right knee. So instead of having guests Dave and I spent some time in the emergency room and I came home with a leg brace, crutches and got to ice it for a few days. It is much better now. The kids and Dave went ahead and made the rest of the fourth dinner and we still had a nice time. Our niece, Alisha, was here staying with Barb and Rick that week and came out to visit before returning home to Baker.

Saturday, the 12th we threw Jill, Isaac (Kelli's boyfriend), Shalon (my nephew) and Isaac's brother Jake a surprise birthday party and BBQ. Jill and Shalon have the same birthday (13th) and Isaac's was on the 12th and his brothers was on the 19th. All of Isaac's family came which was quite a few since he comes from a large family. My sister, Loretta was here (Shalon's mom) as well as Schelly and Wade's family and ours. Lots of people and a lot of fun. Isaac's mom and brother, Luke played the piano for us. They are so talented.....a great big thank you to you both!!

Pat and Kristi and the three little pumpkins (Jordie, Addie and Lexie) came for doctor appointments on the 15th. We all got together on the evening of the 16th at Barb and Rick's for a BBQ. It was good to see them and the kids are growing so much. Barb as usual did an outstanding job on the food. Friday, the 18th Dave and I along with Mike and Linda took Dave's mom and dad to Belknap Springs for the weekend. It was an old gift we had promised a year or so ago. The grounds are so beautiful. We took Jill and Wade the following Saturday (this last weekend) to check out the place for a possible wedding site. However, I think they have their minds set on the coast. But it was a nice day trip and we had lunch and wandered around.

Kyla and Jed celebrated their 5th wedding anniversary on the 25th with a day trip to the coast and dinner at LaSerre in Yachats. Emmy spent the day with Jill playing in the park and swimming at our house. We fed her dinner and took her home just in time to see mom and dad before bed.

One last little note.......we had a large snake in our house on Saturday. It looked like a racer (according to our book), about 2 1/2 feet long. It was curled up in one of our sky lights in the family room. We don't know for sure how it got in but we think from the attic. There is somewhat of a gap between the frame of the sky light and the ceiling. Those are new windows so it is well sealed up from the roof area on top the house. It was really creepy but Dave managed to save the day with LARGE tongs and a plastic recycle tub. We let it go outside so we are all safe now. Gads!

Tuesday, July 1, 2003

Retirement, Birthdays, Graduations, MRI Results and Such

It has been such a busy few months. Sorry for no updates in that time. I will try to sum up what has been going on without getting too wordy.

Following Amber's wedding the end of April, I returned to a very busy week of planning for my bosses retirement event (a two day meeting with guest lectures and dinners). Although it was extremely busy, it was a very fun of the nicest I have been to at the University. However, retirement for Mike Posner just means he is enjoying his coast property a little more. He is the busiest retired person I know. The main dinner event fell on the same day as Kyla's birthday so we had a small celebration the next day. I am afraid that she got a little cheated this year for her birthday....low key and very slow in getting her gift to her. However, I did manage to finally get her flower boxes for her house and will fill them soon.

The next several weekends were filled with planting flowers, weeding, cleaning up outside in preparation for Kelli's graduation. The last week of May and the first week of June was filled with award ceremonies, senior activities such as senior/parent breakfast, baccalaureate, year book banquet, etc. We then had a nice BBQ party following her graduation. A lot of fun, but very busy.

There were several more graduations! Our nieces, Tristin and Autumn also graduated from high school in Baker. We didn't get to go because of our own activities, but congratulations to both girls! Last but certainly not least, Jed graduated from college! After many long years of work, married life, being a father and taking care of Kyla, he has done such a wonderful job. We are very proud of him. Kyla put on a nice party for him after graduation at their house.

AND Kyla's scan in San Francisco on June 11th was clear! She is doing so well.....thank God for all our blessings. She will be going back some time in August....still every two months.