Thursday, October 31, 2002

Halloween, Trick-or-Treat, Happy 50th and Anniversary

Halloween was spent at GG and Grandad's for Dave's 50th birthday and their anniversary. I cooked the dinner and brought it in so we could still see all the kids trick-or-treating. Mike and Linda came as well as Wade, Jill, Jed, Kyla, Emma, Brian and Kelli. Jason and SaMara brought their little guys later. Emma dressed up as an elephant, Greyson was a gorilla, Braedyn was a fireman and Tailen was Little Red Riding Hood. Very cute!

Friday Brian did a little dressing up for a Halloween party he went to. See the picture above...Saturday Tony took Dave to the Duck football game....they won of course! We then spent an hour at Braedyn's 4th birthday party and then went on to dinner for Dave's birthday at Mookie's Place. It was a great weekend but we are still very tired.

Monday, October 28, 2002

Kelli's Homecoming Dance, Happy Birthday Brian

The 19th was Thurston High School's homecoming dance and Kelli spent the day getting ready. Because of a time limit, she got ready at Kyla and Jed's. Our "other daughter" Dez came and fixed her hair (thanks Dez!!! ) and Jill helped her with her makeup. She looked very pretty. GG and Grandad came to take pictures and brought Uncle Tony and Aunt Karen along. I followed Isaac and Kelli around to take group pictures at a friends house and then they all went to dinner and the dance and had a great time. Dave stayed home and finished laying the black granite so we could put the wood stove back in. It looks very pretty.

Friday, the 25th Emmy spent the night with us and helped me cook and clean. Saturday was spent washing the outside windows and doing outside fall cleanup. Sunday we celebrated Brian's 27th birthday. GG and Grandad came as well as Charo and her friend from Spain, Lola. We had a nice time and Brian, Charo, Lola, Kyla and Jed all went to the haunted corn maze at Lone Pine that evening. I think our visitors from Spain think we are very strange in the USA. Brian helped them carve their first jack-o-lantern and in return Lola cooked a great dinner before she returned home to Spain.

Wednesday, October 23, 2002

Wednesday, October 16, 2002

Great Fall Days, Animals (more than one kind), Another Month of Birthdays

There is not much medical news in our immediate family for now which is a good thing based on all the things that we have experienced this past year. Kyla is feeling good, keeping busy with Emma and taking a class at the University. Her hair is growing in very fast and it looks great! My sisters baby, Lexie, is in Doerenbecher still and has been experiencing all kinds of problems with the shunt surgeries. Poor little baby has gone through three major brain surgeries in two weeks and is still not out of the woods yet. She is now running a fever and is still in quite a bit of pain and they are trying to determine what the problem is. We are praying for her and for Pat and Kristi who have been staying at her side this entire time.

The sad animal news is that Brutus decided to eat entirely way too much alfalfa and grain and bloated up huge. After a $300 vet visit, he was still no better and was suffering so we decided that it was more humane to do the butchering now. Kind of hard to think of Brutus hamburger! Oreo is doing good and so is Buster. They continue to pester us daily for their feedings. They should be completely weened by the end of this month. Emma loves to come help feed the cows and she told Dave he was the best grandad ever because he lets her feed them with her very own cup full of grain. It is very cute!

The chickens are all doing great and I think Betty can go back to Joanna soon. Her remaining 7 chicks are not so little any more. We now have one of the small roosters crowing every morning. Hilarious sound coming from this little guy! The turkeys are all hiding in our trees. It is now open season on them so they know where to go. Last but NOT least is our problem with hundreds of ladybugs. I used to think they were really cute and harmless, but not so now! The cold weather has brought them in again and I had the smart suggestion from Dave and Brian to put diapers on the chickens and let them come in to take care of the ladybugs. Har har!
We have been working on cleaning up the garden since frost has taken away the remains of any bounty. Grandad Max had his 71st birthday party Saturday and he now has a big screen television set. He got to see the Duck football game in style! Happy Birthday Max! Brian and Dave also have birthdays coming up soon so party planning is happening. Dave shares his birthday with Halloween and his parents wedding anniversary so we will spend that evening with them.