Monday, October 31, 2005

More Birthdays, Next MRI Date, Happy Halloween, Goodbye to a Friend

The beginning of this month said goodbye to a good friend and retired professor, Steve Keele, who passed away from an inoperable brain tumor. I so much enjoyed talking to him about huckleberries, his horses, cows and trips he had made and admired his work as an educator. He will be greatly missed!

The month has been a busy one. Emma helped me pick out fabric to make her "Glynda, The Good Witch" Halloween costume so I spent most of the month sewing. Jill dressed up little Byron as a yard gnome, much to my sadness. Poor little boy! Little Lucy was a Winnie the Pooh Honey Pot and they really looked cute. We had a weekend visit from Alicia, my niece, who is going to school in Portland. She gave us copies of her beautiful art work, one of which was a pencil drawing of Lucy and Emma. She is very talented! Thanks Alicia for sharing with us. I also spent a little time in our pool, but not by choice. I guess you could say I was trying to have a "shocking experience". I was using the electric leaf blower and tripped and fell in backwards with the blower going. I don't know why I was not electrocuted but the blower shut off as soon as it hit the water. I have never swam so fast in my life.....a little spooked I guess! Glad we live out where no one could see how silly I looked!

We had more birthdays this month. Happy Birthday to Max, Lisa, Marisa, Brian, Braedyn and Dave as well as Happy Anniversary to Max and Delpha! We took Max and Delpha to dinner with Mike and Linda for his birthday at River Ranch and went to Braedyn's birthday party as well as had a family dinner/party for Dave. Brian had to spend his 30th alone in Spain but we called him and celebrated by having his favorite thing, huckleberry sauce on cheesecake. If it counts Brian, we love you and were thinking of you with every bite! Halloween was spent with Max & Delpha since it was their anniversary and Dave's birthday. We also had a nice lunch with Tony while he visited.

Kyla goes to San Francisco next week for an MRI. Jill and Kelli will go with her this time and spend an extra day doing something fun. These visits are usually very quick and make Kyla very anxious so it will be good for her to have a distraction. I will watch the grand kids which will keep us all very busy.

Lucy and Byron

Another tooth lost for Emmy

Auntie Kelli snoozing with Byron

Lucy and her big smile

Grandad Dave holding little Byron

Glynda the Good Witch, Yard Gnome and Honeypot

Poor little Byron as the Yard Gnome

Lucy as Honeypot

Emmy as Glynda the Good Witch