Monday, April 18, 2005

It's a Boy for Jill and Wade, Weekend and Birthdays

Jill and Wade invited Dave and I to come to her ultrasound today. It's a boy! One of each this summer will be lots of fun. Jill is pretty excited and they plan on naming him Byron David.

We kept pretty busy this weekend. Dave finished a section of our deck in front and it looks great. Plus a great benefit is that we don't worry about falling through now. I worked on our master bathroom and finished painting. Now I move on to the bedroom. It looks so much better to get all the old wallpaper off and a fresh coat of paint.

Kyla, Jill and Wade came and had dinner with us on Sunday and Kelli came late that night to do laundry. Emmy was being kind of naughty so stayed home with her dad. It rained all weekend but it is supposed to be nice all week. I hope it lasts in to the weekend because those monster weeds are screaming my name.

Happy birthday to my brother-in-law Mike, my nephew Jason and my dad....all born on April 17th.

Friday, April 8, 2005

Easter, Seizure, Another MRI and a 5-Year-Old Birthday Jump

On Easter we had a nice brunch with Barb and her family. Em and Joey had fun hunting eggs and playing together. Barb outdid herself as much food and all so delicious. Dave, Kelli and I went home and that evening we received a call that Kyla had had a seizure outside a bookstore after eating dinner. So the evening was spent in the emergency room and then we kept Emmy for a few nights until Kyla's medication was on board. It seems to be non-tumor related but they can't be sure. Since Jed decided to come out and they are working through some things she is under an incredible amount of stress and sadness. She also had a glucose tolerance test earlier in the week which may be a major factor. She went to San Francisco for a scan just to be sure and everything looks fine still.

While Kyla and Jed were in San Francisco we kept Emmy again and she woke up on her 5th birthday demonstrating how she is sure she can jump higher now. She is such a hoot! I fixed her a birthday breakfast and then her mom and dad took her to lunch. Tonight (Friday) she is having a couple of friends over for a sleepover and then a family dinner on Sunday at our house.

Special Easter brunch at Aunt Barbs

Emmy and her birthday cupcake

Preparing for the birthday jump

The great five year old birthday jump!!