Tuesday, January 21, 2003

Roosters and Eggs, Pizza with Friends, Moving Experience, Marriage Proposal and Happy Birthday Delpha

What a couple of weeks! !

The Saturday before last Kyla and Jed painted in their new home while Dave and I watched Emmy. After a full day with Emmy installing new porch lights and whatnot, we (Kyla, Jed, Emma, Dave, I, Kelli, Isaac, Jill and Wade) had pizza with Joe and Sheri Rose at Round Table then ice cream at Dairy Queen. A lovely evening.

The saga of the chickens continues. On Sunday before last, Emma and I decided to feed the chickens and much to Emmy’s delight we discovered two of the hens have begun to lay eggs again....it looks as though it is an every other day thing right now. You should see the size that the little black hen lays.... smaller than a golf ball. I think it will take about 3 of those to make a large egg. It is very funny. Because we had four roosters, we were beginning to have a few problems with fighting so Dave put on his "Farmer Bill" act and butchered three of them. However, I am not so sure he saved the right one. It is the biggest but he follows me and crows non-stop and now has begun to attack me when I get too close to the chicken pen. He doesn't seem to know where his food is coming from, does he? If he keeps this up, I just might have to have a nice roast chicken for dinner soon.

Last Thursday evening we went over and helped Jed install a new hot water heater in their house. Friday afternoon I took off work to help Kyla clean so they could move in on Saturday. We got most of the kitchen and bathroom done, but not all while Dave installed a new kitchen stove hood. Jill watched Emmy most of the day (thank you Aunt Jill! ) and Jed and Kyla then took us to dinner that evening at Tio Pepe’s, a great Mexican restaurant in Eugene.

Saturday was the big moving day and Dave, Jed and Brian moved all of the heavy things while Kyla and I moved a couple of car loads of smaller things. GG and Granddad Max watched Emmy and provided us with a wonderful spaghetti dinner afterwards. We were all tired and hungry and it tasted great! Thank you so much Delpha and Max! While we were having dinner Jill and Wade arrived and announced the good news that they are now engaged. A tentative wedding date has been set for September 4, 2004. We are so happy to welcome Wade who fits right into the crazy family. He is a great guy and makes Jill very happy.

Sunday we watched Emmy so Jed and Kyla could get a little more organized and put away things with the help of Kelli and we had dinner together when they picked Emma up. We had a great weekend and since we had Monday off because of Martin Luther King Day, Dave and I went to see “About Schmidt”. It was a good movie, but left us feeling kind of sad at the end.

Friday, January 10, 2003

First Home, Swimming with Sharks (no, not loan sharks) and Lunches

Back to work…….Thursday and Friday. It never seems to be enough time, in fact the more time off, the more I wish I had. Oh well, such is life.

Friday we closed on the house deal for Kyla and Jed. They will be moving in the end of January…..it is so exciting to buy your first home. Now comes the work…..cleaning, painting and maintenance. Saturday Kyla, Jed, Kelli and Isaac painted while we kept Emma and did some chores around the house. Emma spent a lot of time swimming in the pond (the round chair pad from Jill's papasan chair) and I had to get rid of all the sharks which was rewarded with gales of laughter. But don't ask me to ever give a repeat performance for anyone except Emma.....I won't do it (see Emma in her swimming goggles on the right). All the kids came and had pizza with us that evening. Sunday was more of the same except Dave spent most of the day on the roof cleaning gutters and spreading moss killer while Emmy and I watched “Babe” and made dinner. Emma and I went in to look at the paint progress and there is still much to do, but at least it is a beginning.

Monday Kyla spent her morning running around getting signatures on yet another missing form for the loan. I watched Emma in my office while she took the paper to Dave at his office for a signature. We read stories and wrote on the chalkboard and visited with Roger, one of the accounting people in my office. She calls him “Mr. Rogers”….I guess from seeing “Mr. Rogers” on television. I also had a nice lunch with Susan Rich, a childhood friend. Thursday I had lunch with “Emma’s group” which consists of Kyla, Jed, Emma, Joanna and Colleen. Joanna and Colleen are both co-workers of ours at the University. Jed brought yet more papers that were missed in signing.

Today Dave took me to lunch and we plan on spending the night at home relaxing, maybe renting a movie or something and looking forward to having Emma this weekend again. The day was beautiful and sunny….a nice change from all of the fog we have had this past week.

Wednesday, January 1, 2003

Happy New Year and Celebration of Life

Dave and I spent the weekend relaxing and resting from all the events building up to Christmas and then did a little shopping for some new clothes for Dave with his gift certificates and birthday money. Yes, he held on to his money for two months…..talk about control! He got some great buys and then we went to dinner at Chapala’s and to a movie, “Two Weeks Notice”. It felt wonderful just to get away from the house and cooking and holiday celebrations and do something together.

On the 29th we had a celebration of the one year since diagnosis for Kyla. We had a spaghetti dinner with all the kids and gave her a bracelet to signify our love and support. She is feeling good and so far this IL-13 treatment is doing its job. We are thankful for every day we have.

On the morning of New Years Eve we watched two baby fawns eating our grass outside the living room (see picture at the below). The mom was nowhere to be seen and they stayed around for most of the morning. The afternoon was spent taking down the Christmas decorations and Kyla, Jed and Emma spent the evening with us. Brian, Kelli and Jill all had places to go to bring in the New Year so we just relaxed and watched a couple of movies.

New Years day we finished packing away the decorations, had lunch with Kyla, Jed and Emma and while they took Emma to the “Jonah, A Veggie Tales Movie”, Dave and I went to dinner at the Roadhouse Grill and to see “Lord of the Rings-Two Towers”. This is a time for reflection, resolutions and appreciation for everything we are blessed with. To sum it up we have had a very full year, some stressful and scary but mixed with love, laughter and support from everyone around us. We are very blessed to have so many wonderful friends, family and strangers in our lives. Your prayers and your love continue to sustain us. May God bless you.