Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Most Recent MRI, Newspaper Article, Birthday Parties, and Other Upda

Kyla and Jed went to San Francisco on the 6th and her scan was clear AGAIN! Isn't that the best news? Each time it looks a little better. She was also featured in the local Register Guard which did a followup story on her. The first article was 14 months ago and the second was the first of this month. Associated Press picked it up so we have been getting calls and emails asking about the treatment from the many people that are afflicted with this terrible beast. I just wish there was more we could do. You can read the stories by clicking on the photos left and below.

On Sunday the 3rd we all went to celebrate Greysen's 3rd birthday at Dave's brother, Mike's home. Greysen is our nephew, Jason's little boy. Emma had a great time playing with the cousins and riding around on the battery operated cars. Of course Kyla and Kelli had to clown around being the "2K" sisters.

Other news in the family is that Gary (Dave's brother) had a birthday and Dave went to Vancouver to help him celebrate along with other family members. (Happy Birthday Gary!!!!) On the 15th Kelli moved out to share a house with two high school friends while in college. So far she likes having her own place away from mom and dad. I guess the chicks must try their wings even if it is hard on the mom and dad. Jill has been working long hours to cover for another employee that broke her knee....but she needs the money so that is a good thing. She had a root canal today so isn't feeling all that great and she and Wade are still in the middle of planning the wedding for a year from now. Brian went to Seattle and Vancouver Canada with Charo and some other friends from Spain this past weekend. Had a great time and is hosting a dinner for all his Spanish friends on Tuesday evening (tomorrow). Of course his "hosting" is my "cooking" so I will be busy too. But I enjoy doing it.

Upcoming event......the Fuzi Sisters Vacation. Loretta gets to come this year for the first time. We are so happy to get together and shop, talk and relax with our grown daughters. We missed it last year because of all of the things going on in everyone lives. This year we are just staying here in Eugene and taking day trips to different places but it should be fun. I am so looking forward to it.