Sunday, February 22, 2004

Valentine Cookies, Wedding Cake, Bats in the Belfry, Bump on the Chin and the Flu

One thing Dave always liked to do was buy those huge cookies that were decorated for each of the kids on their birthdays etc. The place that used to make them closed long ago so we decided to make them for Valentines Day. We delivered them to the kids on Saturday and then Dave took me to dinner at the Electric Station and gave me some very beautiful roses.

The large cookies

Emma's cookies

Monday Jill, Wade, Wade's mom, Liz and I went to the coast to look for a person to make their wedding cake and order the flowers. Something must have been in the air on the coast because the day was not very productive. One lady was called away to a funeral so we had to meet with her catering partner, who did not do cakes. So we didn't get a huge amount of information from her. The second person never even showed up or called to let us know. We found out later on our way home that he was called away for an emergency. But with an appointment set up you would think these people would let us know before driving to the coast. We did meet with a nice English lady but she doesn't think she has the skill to do what Wade and Jill want. The flower store was closed so we struck out there also. However, we had a very nice lunch and toured a lovely Bed and Breakfast. I think Jill and Wade are going to go with Sweet Life Bakery in Eugene to make the cake even though it is a little more expensive to deliver because there seems to be few people on the coast that can do this.

Thursday evening after we arrived home, Jill said there was a bird flying around in the house. Well the bird turned out to be a bat. After chasing the poor thing with Dave's fishing net and catching it three different times, Dave and Wade finally released it outside. We are having two of our chimneys repaired and there is tarp over both of them so I guess the bat was in one of them and could only come in the house.

Dave and Wade, the Bat Busters

Poor Emmy had the stomach flu all weekend. Friday she had a nasty fall at preschool and hit her chin. It swelled up and turned black and blue so she looks pretty pitiful. End of our week!

Friday, February 13, 2004

Happy Valentines Day, New MRI Results

Kyla and Jed returned from San Francisco last weekend and her scan was clear again. Now she only has to go every three months instead of two. She was very excited about that and so are we. Emmy spent the night while they were away and we picked them up from the airport and then had dinner at Marie Calendars. Last Saturday Emma and her friend Alex, painted hand prints on her new bedroom walls. It turned out very cute.

Emma and Alex the Painting Pros

This morning Jill and I saw the most beautiful pink sunrise....just in time for Valentines day.

February Sunrise