Thursday, November 11, 2004

MRI Results, Halloween, Birthdays and Stork

Kyla and Jed went to San Francisco for Kyla's MRI. However, she did not have a scan because of some very exciting news. She and Jed and going to be parents again! We are all thrilled and excited and at least, I, am a little nervous for her. So they decided not to do a scan since this is her first trimester. She will have a scan in three months. The doctor appointment went well and she feels good.

Aside from that fun news, since last month we have had a lot going on. Brian is enjoying Spain and has made a visit to France. He has been sending us some pictures of his surroundings. He leaves today for Greece to take a TEFL Course (Teaching English as a Foriegn Language) in Crete. He will be there for a month and is excited but a little nervous.

We spent halloween, which is also Dave's birthday and his parents anniversary, at Kyla and Jed's house. I fixed dinner and we celebrated in between trick or treaters. But we did get to see Emmy and her friends Alex and Lilly all dressed up. They looked very cute. Later Jason and SaMara brought their three children over to see Dave's parents before driving back to Portland.

There were many October birthdays for family....Happy birthday to Max, Lisa, Marisa, Brian, Braedyn and Dave and Happy Anniversary to Max and Delpha and Dave and Laura. November brings many others.....Happy birthday to Tristin, Celina, Carrie, Patti, Tony, Jacob, Brett and Charo and Happy Anniversary to Loretta and Ralph and Tony and Karen. Whew! Our families are just getting too big.

Speaking of birthdays, my niece, Kamisha is due to have her first baby, a girl, this month. So we will be adding another November birthday to the list. I gave her a baby shower last weekend and she looks so darn cute. We are all very happy for both Kamisha and Jeremy and can't wait to see the baby. Kristi and Addie Mae came all the way from Baker and spent the night with us. We had Emma for two nights while Kyla and Jed were gone so she spent an extra night with Addie Mae after the shower. They had a great time playing and feeding the chickens.

Emmy and Gram make halloween cookies

Emma and Alex all ready to trick or treat

It takes a lot of hot air for Dave to blow out his one candle

Dave and all his girls

Kamisha and her mom, Barb at the baby shower

Some of the Fuzi women after the shower

Emmy and Adde Mae ready for bed