Monday, March 31, 2003

Goodbye to Another Uncle, Wedding Shower and Rap Music

Dave's Uncle Carl passed away and he, his parents and two brothers attended the funeral in Weiser, Idaho this past week. He got in late Thursday evening just in time for Kyla, Jill and Kelli and I to leave early Friday morning to attend a wedding shower for my niece, Amber in Baker City. We attended the shower Friday evening (Amber will kill me when she finds out that this picture is up).
Saturday we spent visiting sisters, Loretta and her family, Kristi and her family and Barb, who also came from Eugene to attend and help Kristi and Pat out with their little ones. Sunday morning we took mom and brothers, Jay and John and their families to breakfast before leaving for home....another lovely 8 hours in the car. Speaking of in the car.....the girls all made me listen to rap music....they think I am so out of it but I showed them my moves! We arrived home to dinner that Dave had prepared and Wade, Jed and Emmy were there to greet us.

Dave was busy all weekend spreading grass seed and fertilizer in the field, mowing our huge lawn and cleaning up in general. But all that work must have done him in....he is now sick.

Kelli got her hair cut and it looks very cute. I will put a picture up as soon as she lets me take it.

Saturday, March 22, 2003

Sunrise, Feathered Friend and a Birthday Party

This morning I caught a beautiful sunrise. Because of the fog and cloudy days that are common to the area this time of year, I rarely get to see them. Later in the morning there was a red headed woodpecker outside the laundry room pounding away at a tree.

Last night was Kelli's birthday party. She invited a group of friends to have hamburgers and cake and then they went on a scavenger hunt. Each group had to video tape the hunt and we watched Kelli's tape the next day. It looks as though they had a lot of fun, maybe too much fun! Gram and Grandad Evans came as well as Wade and Charo and of course Kyla, Jed and Emma. All the girls came back home and spent the night with Kelli and the next day they went shopping. Kelli got some great gifts and although she was tired from watching videos half the night, she was happy.

Tuesday, March 18, 2003

Happy Birthday Kelli!!!

Kelli, The Birthday Girl!

Today is Kelli's 18th birthday. It is hard to believe that our youngest is just about to fly! We will celebrate her birthday Friday with the family and her friends. She has decided that she wants to cut her hair soon so we will update that later.

My sister, Barb and I drove to Portland to attend our Uncle Bill's funeral. We met up with two of our brothers, Jay and John. We spent some time at our Aunt Ellen's home and got to visit with our Aunt Mary and Aunt Ann and Uncle Cody, who John had brought from Baker. It was nice to see some cousins but as usual I wish we didn't have to wait until sad occasions to see everyone.

Friday, March 14, 2003

Planning a Rose Bed, A Frog, Egg, Bridal Shower and Goodbye to An Uncle

Last Friday Dave and I spent the evening visiting with Delpha and Max and then went to dinner at the Road House Grill. Sunday Dave had to work so I began digging up the sod in front of the garage so that I could plant a rose garden. Kyla, Jed and Emma came and so darn, I just had to quit digging and go in. So it is about a quarter done. After Dave came home, we fed the cows and found an egg. We also found a little frog which Emmy found very funny when he was hopping about.

On Monday Jill and I attended a bridal shower for Jena, one of Jill's long time friends. It was fun and she got a lot of nice gifts. We will be in Baker at my niece, Amber's, bridal shower during the wedding for Nick and Jena so I am glad we got to go to this. The sad news is that my Uncle Bill passed away Wednesday. He will be missed but I am glad he won't be suffering any longer.

Yesterday was quite a wind storm. It uprooted trees which downed power lines. We suffered no damage this year but it was an eerie reminder of last years storm and our new car. Speaking of new things, a co-worker's new home was smashed by a tree. She had just moved in a month or so ago.

This morning I heard some geese honking really loud. It sounded like they were in the trees outside our house. I went outside and there they were....on our roof. I managed to take a picture before they flew off.

Sunday, March 2, 2003

Spring Lambs

Saturday Kyla met Aunt Barb and her cousin Kamisha in Springfield to buy some fabric for curtains from the Habitat for Humanity sale. After that she, Jed and Emmy went to Corvallis with the staff from Jed's office to enjoy a day visiting the OSU Sheep Center, where lambs are being born daily. The OSU Sheep Center hosts school children and other visitors interested in seeing up to 800 new lambs expected to make their appearance this spring. They got to see some lambs being born and then went to a co-workers home afterwards for hot dogs. Emma thought that the mother lamb was laying a baby lamb. I guess she has been around the chickens way too much!

Today I went to Portland with Barb and met with our brother John and his wife Lisa. We went to visit our Uncle Bill, who was in the hospital suffering with bone cancer. We met his step-son, Bob and spent several hours with Aunt Ellen and Uncle Bill. Seeing him so frail brought back many painful memories of dad before he passed away but I am so glad we went. While gone, Kyla, Jed and Emmy came to have dinner with Dave.