Monday, February 28, 2005

Babies, Babies, Emma's Visit, Fender Bender and World Traveler

Kyla will be going to San Francisco this Thursday for another scan. I will post the results as soon as we hear back. They have decided on a name for little Miss Nagel......Lucy Maye. At least that is the talk now so if it changes we will be sure to let everyone know.

Kyla and Jed went to see a play last weekend and so we kept Emmy overnight on Saturday. It was such a beautiful weekend and she kept Grandad Dave on his toes most of the time outdoors. However, she and I colored probably a zillion pictures and made peanut butter cookies as well as reading Amelia Bedelia a couple of times. We have one white hen that is pretty tame and will come up to us. Emmy decided she not only wanted to pet the hen but she picked her up. That was great until the hen wiggled and Emma dropped her. The hen went head over tail and ran off. Pretty funny to watch Em and all her escapades.

We just found out that Dave's aunt has cancer and is in treatment now. Dave and I did manage to drive to Weiser, Idaho to attend her birthday party. It was so nice to see all the cousins and have a chance to catch up as well as see how Evelyn is. Cancer of any kind is such a wicked disease but Evelyn is her usual smiling, good natured self. A little bit of history about Weiser.....I was born there as were all my siblings except one. My brother, John was born in the car outside of Huntington on the way to the hospital so he technically was born in Oregon instead of Idaho. We lived in Durkee, OR and mom's doctor was in Weiser. Can you imagine having a baby in the car?

Jill had her first doctor appointment and an ultrasound. Everything looks good so far although she was disappointed that it was too early to know the gender. We will find out April 18th! She and Wade invited Dave and I to go to the ultrasound with them so we are looking forward to that.

Kelli was in a little fender bender while on the job delivering pizza. Someone didn't yield right of way and so now she is in the process of taking care of the insurance business. She is looking for another job so she won't have to put so many miles on her car. Talked with Brian this morning and he is doing well. He now is teaching English to employees at a car rental business at the airport in Granada. Last weekend he and Charo went to Sevilla where he managed to see real Flamenco dancing as well as the largest Cathedral in the world. They also got to see the tower in which the conquistadors stored their gold on their return trips from America. I guess it's a pretty amazing city. A couple of weeks ago they went to Portugal and next weekend they are going to Madrid, and then two weeks later Holy week starts. He is really enjoying all the different things that he has seen and the Spanish culture. We love the pictures so keep them coming Brian.

Wednesday, February 2, 2005

Weekend and Article in Associated Press

This past weekend was uneventful. Sunday Jill, Wade, Kelli, Kyla and Emmy came to have Dave's famous clam chowder. Poor Jed was again working all weekend at the library to prepare his two presentations at school and other homework. But Kyla took him some dinner and a brownie so at least he didn't starve. Kyla is suffering from a sinus infection but each day is feeling a little better. Because she is pregnant she is unable to take much to relieve some of the symptoms. Jill feels well and finally has health insurance so she can go to the doctor. Her first appointment is on Valentines Day.

Kyla was interviewed by the Chicago Associated Press for an article published in the Journal of the American Medical Association by her neuro oncologist, Dr. Chang. The article talks about the variety of brain cancer treatments and the need for more research.