Friday, June 30, 2006

Sad News

I am sorry to have been away for so long on the updates. Somehow I just did not have it in my heart to type these words. But because so many people have asked about Kyla I need to let you all know how things are going. Since my last update another MRI was done and after sending the scans to UCSF, we received the sad news that the treatments were not working and that the cancer has now spread across the midline and is inoperable. Kyla was given the option of continuing with chemo which is not helping or to stop and try to have quality time with what she has left. She chose the quality time.

So the last several weeks have been a whirlwind of setting up hospice and making decisions. Kyla has such a positive outlook and is at peace with where she is. The only thing that worries her she says is telling Emma. We are working with hospice and social workers on that so I know God will give us the grace to work through this. Aside from the horrible side effects of the Decadron, she feels well. She is having a few problems with her memory but is not in pain. She wants everyone to know how much she loves them and appreciates all that has been done for her these past 4 years. So for now, we are taking each day and loving her.

Thursday, June 1, 2006

Avastin Treatment and Surprise Visit

Kyla was able to return to work on the 24th. However, because she was weaned off of Decadron on Mothers Day, she has been having trouble waking up. So her oncologist put her back on a low dose of Decadron for swelling. She seems to be a little better although tired from her treatments. She had a doctors appointment and blood draw on Friday the 26th. Monday she had an Avastin infusion and that went very well. We were told by a nurse that if she was well hydrated it should help with the IV situation. It seemed to work great and the IV went in the first try. So we were only in the hospital for and hour and a half then went to lunch. When we arrived back at Kyla's house Dave and Wade were busy working on her arbor again. Wade mowed her back lawn and her flowers that I planted are beginning to grow nicely.

My brother Jay and his wife, Lori, came for a surprise visit over the long weekend. We had a great time visiting with them and their dog Max. Saturday we had Kyla, Emma, Lucy, Kelli, Jill, Wade and Byron out for a BBQ so they could visit with Jay and Lori. We got to see a large group of turkeys and several young bucks in the front yard. But the best thing was a momma turkey brought her little babies out (8 of them). They were darling. Sunday Dave and I as well as Barb and Rick were able to go to dinner at a great Hungarian place in Albany (Novaks) with them. A wonderful place to eat. We will have to go back soon. Jay and Lori just purchased a Deli in Baker so they will be VERY busy for quite some time. I am so glad we had a chance to see them.