Friday, October 8, 2004

August MRI Results and Catch Up

Since I have been so lax in updating this my first comment will be yes, in August Kyla had another scan which was clear. I am sorry for not keeping up on this but with Jill's wedding and other things all summer I never took the time to sit down. I will try to be better about that because we know how important it is to keep everyone informed in Kyla's progress. She is feeling very well and is working part time and working on their home.

I will try to remember what has been happening for the past several months. Over the summer Wade had his bachelor party which was a trip to the Water Park in Seattle. They all had a lot of fun even if it was a few months early. Everyone pitched in and gave him a new surf board for his gift. We had a huge load of bark dust delivered and blown in around the back of the house and in the blueberry patch and garden. Dave put up my deer fence and we planted a garden which we got to enjoy all summer. We tore the old deck off the back of the house and one of Brian's friends, Todd, helped Dave and Brian build the new deck. It turned out fantastic but was barely finished two days before Jill's wedding. Dave also built me a grape arbor for Mothers Day and we planted two different kinds of grapes.

We had a dress up birthday party for Jill in July and Barb, Rick, Dave and I went to Bandon to watch the fireworks. There was a Burt family reunion which Kelli attended with her grandparents in California and several day trips to the coast to finalize plans for the wedding. Brian and Charo went to Baker for the Miner's Jubilee with friends and we had our annual "sisters vacation" in Sun River. Jill had two wedding showers, one put on by the ladies at her church and one by Kelli and Kyla.

Brian graduated from college in August and there were lots of last minute details in for Jill's wedding and of course the big weekend (Labor Day weekend) in Newport. Her wedding was beautiful and the weather was perfect. We came home from that and had brothers David and Jay, sister Kristi and their families as well as mom come stay with us. Lots of people but very nice birthday present for me to have them there. Kyla and Jed brought a birthday cake and I think that was the first time I have had siblings and my mom sing happy birthday to me in years.....I don't even remember the last time. Made my birthday one of the best. Thanks everyone for a memorable weekend....not just for my birthday but for coming to Jill's wedding and spending time with us.

A week later we had a going away party for Charo and Brian who are now living in Spain. September seems to have gone by in a blur. College has begun again, work is becoming busier now and Dave and I are now alone in the house. No kids living at home.....first time ever. Kind of an adjustment but we get to see them all the time.

Last note.....Jill and Wade spent three weeks in Australia for their honeymoon and are now home. They had such a great time and have lots of video and pictures. Even the small gnome made it all the way and back.

The bride and groom......stunning!

Wade with his groomsmen

Jill with Kyla and Kelli

Wade on the way to his bachelor party.....note the ball and chain

Jill, the beautiful bride holding Lexie

Brian at this college graduation with Kyla, Jill and Kelli

Brian and Charo with their friends at the going away party