Monday, May 22, 2006

Treatment, MRI Date and Cousins

Kyla's chemo and Avastin treatment was last Tuesday and she tolerated both well. It is the IV that seems to be the big always takes 2 to 3 hours to get them in. Treatment at the hospital is very slow. It seems we do more waiting around for things like the medications and nurses in general than anything. We ended up re-scheduling her treatment from Monday to Tuesday because she was not scheduled by the oncologists office for some reason. She was finally weaned off the Decadron and is doing well so far. She has another Avastin treatment on the 29th and then an MRI on June 5th. We are praying for good results. We see her oncologist this Friday to check on her blood counts.

We started building the arbor for her back yard but need to get back and finish. Hopefully this weekend we can spend some time doing that. I had a lovely mothers day. The Saturday before we gathered and did yard work for Dave's mom for mothers day. A long day but the yard looks lovely. Kyla, Kelli and Dave cooked me a wonderful brunch and Jill was treated like a queen by Wade. Happy Mothers Day to all the wonderful mom's out there, including my mom and Dave's as well as Kyla and Jill.

My sister, Kristi and her family arrived for a special visit over the weekend. Lucy and Emma spent the night with us and Emma got to sleep in the pop-up tent camper with her cousins. The kids all had so much fun together looking for lizards, feeding chickens, gathering eggs and feeding the cows. That and fishing in the swimming pool and building a secret fort. Oh to be that age again! Dave's cousin Nate and his wife also came for a short visit of course at the same time so we had to split the visiting up but we were so glad to see everyone.

Happy Birthday to Molly, Pat and Linda!

Wednesday, May 3, 2006

Happy Birthday Kyla!!!

Today Kyla turns 28. Does time fly.....seems like only yesterday she was that impish little girl that was begging me to clean house. Yes people, she loved to clean. I used to think of her as little "Miss Suzy Homemaker". Truthfully, I am so very honored to be her mother. I see her as such a positive person, always so strong and sure about her life. She has a stubborn streak in her that I know has been what is needed to face this disease like she does. She has a loving heart and is so protective of her family and she has such a great sense of humor and contagious laugh. We all love you Kyla.....have a wonderful birthday!

Her infusion of Avastin went well, just extremely slow getting started. Her next chemo and Avastin infusion will be May 15th. We had dinner last night with Joe and Sheri and Dave and I are taking her to dinner tonight for her birthday. Then Saturday we will be having a family birthday dinner for her at our house and hopefully get her birthday present started. She wants an arbor built in her back yard so that is the plan.

Kyla at six weeks

Eight months old

Kyla's first birthday

Kyla at four

Kyla in first grade