Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Weasel Hunt, Back to Spain, Byron Arrives, Year 50 for Gary

August has gone by in a blur. To catch up....Charo and Brian have both gone back to Spain. Brian to Madrid where he is working on his MA in Spanish and Charo to Granada where she is working on her research. We really miss them but perhaps we can visit this next year. It would be wonderful to go to Spain for our 25th anniversay (hint, hint Dave!). Before Charo left she taught Kyla and I how to make a real Spanish Paella. The evening was very fun and we even got to sit on the back deck and relax with some other friends. On Saturday, the 6th was Jill's baby shower. Kristi and Pat came along with Jordy, Addie and Lexie. It was so good to spend time with them but of course nothing goes smoothly around here. Before leaving on Sunday Jordie had a bike wreck and ended up having stitches in his knee. Nothing worse than road rash! Of course that put them back home VERY late. Thanks for coming guys. We love you. But Jill and Wade received so many nice baby gifts and are so excited.

Barb and I drove to the coast for the day on the 12th just to get away. It was a crazy day beginning with a misunderstanding of where to meet in the morning and ending with me not being able to get the key in the pickup ignition. In between we saw a car wreck and Barb and her car were called "Tubby" by a big Tubby woman for blocking part of an intersection. We could really do nothing but look at each other and just laugh when she shouted at us. On the 13th we celebrated Gary's 50th birthday at Mike and Linda's home. He doesn't look a day over ummm about 55! (heh!.....sorry Gary, just couldn't resist).

The week of the 15th we had a family dinner with all of us as well and Grandad and Gram Evans and Mike and Linda to say good-bye to Brian. I made his huckleberry pie for him the next evening (this is for an early birthday since he will be gone again on his birthday). Then I took him to the Portland airport early on the 18th. We miss him so much already!

We had a great chicken massacre the beginning of the month. A weasel killed all but four of our chickens and so we have now bought 6 more and keep a radio on at night to keep the creatures away. I think it makes for very smart hens. I guess we will know when they report the news to us each day. But with all the weasel talk, we kept Emma and Lucy over night one Friday and Emma made Dave go on a weasel hunt. I had to laugh because he asked her what she would do if she caught one and she gave him an exasperated look and said "Grandad, we are just hunting for weasels, not catching them".

Finally for the biggest news this month, Jill and Wade had their baby, little Byron today. He was born at around 4:20 pm weighing in at 9lbs, 7oz, 20 3/4 inches long. He has lots of black hair and big hands and feet. Jill painted a cute monkey in a tree in his room and is all set to bring him home from the hospital.

I will put up pictures a little later.