Monday, January 24, 2005

Next MRI Date

The next MRI date is set for March 4th.

Kyla, Jed and Emmy went to see Jed's brother, Benji, sing at Lane Community College Saturday afternoon. Benji has his own band in Sisters but this was a Jazz group through his school I think. That evening they had dinner with us and then Sunday Jed spent the day at the library working on his homework. Emmy has been sick with a bad cold and now Kyla has it. Can't wait till all this junk goes away for the year.

Brian has returned from Crete and is now teaching a couple of students in Spain. I am posting a few of his pictures below.

Picture of Brian and Charo's apartment in Spain

Brian says this is the most important seat in the house

A view from their balcony

The street near their apartment

Friday, January 21, 2005

Babies and Such

It's a girl! Kyla and Jed found out today and we are all very happy especially Emmy who had decided she wanted a sister. We are meeting GG and Grandad Max for GG's birthday dinner tonight. What a fun bit of news.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

A Little Surprise!!!

Jill and Wade are expecting also. Timing might not be what they wished for, but God gives us a little one when he thinks it is right. We are all happy about it and she is due about three months after Kyla so the little ones will be close in age. Wow! Grandparents twice this year. Fun! Kyla will find out on the 21st what gender they will be having. Can't wait.

Wednesday, January 5, 2005

Happy New Year

Kyla has graduated to having a scan every four months now instead of three. This will be a little better for them financially because it cuts down on the amount of trips they have to make to San Francisco. Her next MRI will be in March. She feels well and is excited about the upcoming baby.

Christmas was spent at GG and Grandad Max's home with the Evans'. Kelli's trip to Scotland and England was great and she took many pictures which are below. She loved the visit but decided that two weeks was not enough time to explore. Because she took my camera, I don't have many pictures of our Christmas this year. But it was worth it for her trip. New Years eve everyone spent at home quietly. It was rather nice....Dave and I watched movies until midnight and just relaxed. I guess that means we're old!

Emmy models her new outfit from Nanna

Kelli and Kim at the airport in Portland ready for the great adventure

Kelli and Kim begin the tour of the Royal Mile in Edinburgh Scotland

A view of the city from Edinburgh Castle

Kelli, Rachel and Kim ready to go on a flight over London with Rachel's dad

Big Ben in London

This is the size of most of the Christmas trees in London homes according to Kelli's hosts