Wednesday, January 25, 2006

MRI Results and Fun With Emma and Lucy

Kyla and Kelli flew to San Francisco early yesterday for her appointments today. Kyla just called to say that her MRI was clear except some bruising and scar tissue. We will hear tomorrow if she needs to go back next month or in two months. It depends on what the tumor board has to say about the scan.

She is continuing to heal and aside from the usual side effects from the Decadron (weight gain, joint pain, etc.) is doing well. Her hair is growing back but she says not fast enough for her. Unless things change, she plans on returning to work the first of February.

Dave and I kept Lucy and Emma Monday through about noon yesterday. Both girls were very good but sure keep us running. I had to have a tea party with Emma on the floor and of course Lucy just wants to be on the go constantly so not much else gets done. Sometimes I wonder how I did this with four kids......

Kyla, Lucy and  Emma on Christmas day

Jill, Wade and Byron on Christmas day

Emmy decorating Christmas cookies with Gram

Little Christmas girl, Lucy

Byron decked out to go see Auntie Kyla in the hospital

Hard to believe there is three months difference in age

Lucy with her usual big smile

Emmy trying to maintain the wriggling Byron and Lucy for a picture

Thursday, January 12, 2006

A New Year and Update on Surgery and Treatment

We arrived in San Francisco on December 26th and stayed in The Millwood Inn and Suites close to the SF airport. The staff at the motel were very helpful, the price was reasonable and the rooms were clean and comfortable. I would highly recommend this place. Plus it was just a hop on the freeway to go to UCSF....took about 15 minutes especially with Wade driving like a true Californian! Thanks Wade.

Kyla checked in to the hospital at 10:00 and her surgery took place at noon. It lasted until 7:00 p.m. and they were able to place the cathetars for the treatment at the same time. She was pretty sick in the ICU from the anesthesia but the next day began to feel a little better. They moved her to a shared room on the neuro floor that afternoon and began the infusion. Jill, Kelli and I took turns staying with her in the room at nights and other than not much sleep and the boredom of being confined for four days, she did well. The cathetars were removed on Sunday afternoon, the 1st and we checked her out on Monday, the 2nd and drove home. She is now home recuperating and beginning to be very tired of being housebound. That is a good sign that she is feeling better. Kelli, Jill and I are taking turns watching the girls during the days and Jed keeps Lucy at night. Kyla will be going back to SF on the 24th for an MRI and a check-up. She is also slowly being weaned off of Decadron and hopes to be back to work the first part of February.

Thank you to everyone for the prayers and good wishes as well as financial donations for her multiple trips. Words can not express how blessed we are.