Saturday, April 29, 2006

Treatment Plan, Birthdays and Easter

Sorry it has been so long since I have updated.....very busy and hectic times for all of us. It was confirmed that the cancer has returned. So now the treatment plan for Kyla is chemo (Carboplatin) every 28 days and an infusion of a drug called Avastin every two weeks. My understanding of Avastin is that it is a monoclonal antibody also known as targeted therapy which works to make chemo more effective. Kyla has had one infusion of chemo and Avastin two weeks ago as well as a shot of Neulasta the day after to boost white blood cell count. She is having an infusion of Avastin again on Monday, May 1st. So far she has done well with the chemo but the steroids are another issue. The side effects are terrible for her and the doctors in San Francisco decided to wean her off in two weeks instead of a month. That was a big mistake and the swelling on her brain caused some difficulties for a week until we got her back on and feeling better. So now the plan is to wean her off very slowly.

We had a belated birthday dinner for Kelli the week after our return from San Francisco. We had a nice Easter brunch with Jill, Wade, Byron, Kelli, Kyla, Jed, Emma, Lucy and Dave's parents. The little ones looked so darn cute all dressed up. We also celebrated little Emma's 6th birthday amid all of this. On her birthday she wanted all of her family to have dinner. Her pick for the dinner was tuna fish, macaroni and cheese, carrots and broccoli. Then on the following day Kyla and Jed made her a cute castle cake and they had a tea party for her and her little friends. Happy birthdays go out to Uncle Mike, Jason, Jeremy and my dad.

Lucy pointing at the turkeys in the field

Kelli celebrating her belated 21st birthday

Byron loves his Spanish bull that Uncle Brian sent from Spain

Emmy colored the eggs for Easter

Emma and Byron all dressed up for Easter

Lucy dressed up for Easter but didn't want to pose with her sister and cousin