Thursday, March 16, 2006


Kyla's surgery was Tuesday the 14th and she came through fine. After another MRI before surgery Dr. Kunwar was concerned because the enhancement in the left frontal lobe had enlarged since two weeks ago. To clarify, this enhancement is in the old area from four years ago. So he cleaned it out as well as another spot on the right side (the area that was operated on in January). The preliminary pathology looks like abnormal cells but won't know for sure until next Thursday when the final report is back. If indeed it is progression they will discuss chemo as the next step.

So as far as Kyla feels she is still in ICU until the drain tube is taken out and is somewhat confused from the swelling but that should get better in a little time. I stayed in ICU the first night and Kelli stayed last night so I am off to the hospital now to relieve her. Thank you everyone for all the prayers and wishes.

Friday, March 3, 2006

San Francisco Trip, Another Surgery Scheduled

Kyla flew with Jill to San Francisco on Wednesday of this week for another scan. The MRI shows a larger bright white spot and after being presented before the tumor board the consesus is that it looks like necrosis. However, they can't be positive without a biopsy. She is scheduled for surgery to remove the tissue and have it biopsied on March 14th. So it looks as though we will be in San Francisco for a week again soon. We are still waiting to talk with her surgeon as to what type of surgery, time, and how long she will be in the hospital.

Kyla returned to work half time in February and had two migraine headaches unexpectedly. We think that she became too tired which triggered the headaches. But because of the nature of this illness, we can't be sure. It could be that the headaches were caused by pressure from the necrosis. She says she is not nervous and would rather have it now than wait until later since her hair is not all grown back. The only bad part is that she will be back on the steroids again....she was just beginning to feel better. I admire her greatly. She has such a positive and good spirit.

Lucy and Emma have colds again. Just seems to keep going around and around. Spring can't come soon enough. Prayers.