Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Fishing, Year 27 and Mothers Day

Dave and I took Emmy fishing at Alton Baker Park the last Friday in April. Kyla bought her a cute fishing pole just her size and she practiced casting in her back yard. Much to our surprise, she can really cast that hook and line out to the middle of the water. She patiently fished for a while before we had to move to a different spot. We did get to see some really cute ducklings with their mama swimming as she fished which helped with the boredom and lack of bites. A little ice cream helped in the end since we didn't catch anything.

Happy birthday to Kyla. We had her birthday dinner on Sunday the 1st since she wanted Dave's famous seafood chowder. GG and Grandad Max came to help her celebrate as well as Jill, Wade and Kelli. On the 3rd (her actual birthday) she went home after picking up Emmy from preschool and was trying to fix herself some lunch. She had a grand mal seizure in the kitchen and Emma did so great. She was scared but managed to get help from the neighbor. Kyla had just weaned herself off of Keppra a couple of days before so they put her back on it. She had another smaller seizure on Saturday while down town. After being monitored she went home with an increase in dosage. The nurse said that in the last trimester of pregnancy it is not unusual for this to happen to someone who is prone to seizures. We all pray that she can get through this last four weeks of her pregnancy and have a healthy baby and heal.

On a mothers note (me) I am so sad to see her so heart broken by all that has transpired from Jed. He will never fully understand how much he is/was  loved by her. I can't help but think that this stress along with the pregnancy might be causing the seizures. 

The kids took Dave and I to a brunch at Ambrosia on Sunday for Mothers Day where the food was pretty great. Then Dave took me to buy a couple of hanging plants. A special happy Mothers Day to my mom, my mother-in-law, and a very special Happy Mothers Day to Kyla who is such a terrific mom and to Jill who will be a first time mom soon.

Emmy and Grandad fishing

Four little ducklings with their mommy

Happy 27th birthday to Kyla......We love you!

Emma modeling the new dress from GG and Grandad Max