Monday, April 28, 2003

Happy Easter and Wedding Trip

Kyla and Jed had a seminar on the Saturday before Easter so we kept Emmy all day and colored eggs. On Easter morning, the bunny had to hurry and hide them before Em arrived at our house. Hmmmm! Dave and Brian were suspiciously hopping around outside in the morning....either they were helping or eating....I don't want to know. We had a lovely Easter brunch with GG and Grandad Max, Brian, Jill & Wade, Kelli and Isaac and of course Jed, Kyla and Emmy.

We also made the trip to Baker for our niece, Amber's wedding. She was a beautiful bride and we enjoyed seeing all of our family and friends. The weekend went very quick and was not long enough as usual. We got to spend a little time with Kristi and Pat and the kids, had dinner with mom, Kristi and Pat, Barb and Rick and some of the cousins at the "Phone Company", a great little place to eat. We had dinner Saturday with Loretta, Ralph, Shalon and Schelly and got to see the barn and corrals that Ralph built. We put in a late night visit to mom on our way back to town and then of course spent 8 hours in the car on Sunday when we returned home.

Monday, April 14, 2003

MRI Results and a Baptism

Kyla called and her scan was clear again! So now every 3 months she will have a scan instead of two. Dr. Chang told her that the first patient in this treatment program is still doing well....over two years now.

We kept Emmy on Thursday night after Kyla and Jed left for San Francisco. As usual we had a grand time even if Dave was still sick. Em went to preschool on Friday afternoon and was covered from head to toe in grass when I picked her up. They got to play tag and roll down hills in the grass. Well worth the dirt I would say!

I have come down with the same stuff Dave Saturday we just stayed home and rested. Sunday Kelli was baptized in the river and of course it was pretty cold and it rained the whole time but she braved the water.

Monday, April 7, 2003

Happy Birthday Emmy and a MRI Scan Date

Emmy's 3rd birthday is today. Kyla and Jed had all of the family over for a BBQ and cake on the 4th. On Saturday some of Emma's friends came and shared another birthday party with her. The theme was a frog birthday and all of their things turned out very cute.

Kyla and Jed leave for San Francisco on Thursday, the 10th for appointments on Friday the 11th. We will post back then.