Friday, May 7, 2004

MRI Results, Feeding the Ducks, Birthday and Gnome Business

Kyla's scan was clear today......two years this month! We are so blessed....and we found out some exciting news. The IL-13 treatment she was so blessed to receive is now being pushed through to a Phase I trial for first time brain tumor patients. It will be a while until it is up and running because of nature of protocols, but it is so exciting that perhaps radiation won't have to be used and newly diagnosed patients could be treated right away.

Kyla with her "Our Gang" DVD's

Kyla celebrated her 26th birthday last week with a family dinner. Brian and Charo gave her a pear tree to plant and GG and Grandad Max gave her a lilac bush as well as Jill giving her a gift certificate to buy what she likes in a garden store. She is loving spring time planting in her new yard. She also got a set of "Our Gang" DVD's from Kelli and a start on her collection of theTaste of Home annual cookbooks and money.

We had a little face off with the gnome after her birthday. Uuuugly! Emmy spent two days with us while Kyla and Jed were in San Francisco. Grandad took her to feed the ducks and geese in Alton Baker Park. She is so much fun right now.


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