Wednesday, March 10, 2004

New Job for Kyla, Peck and Gnome Business

Kyla just found out she got the job she applied for in the the Linguistics department. It is a half time position and she is pretty happy. Congratulations to Kyla!!!! We knew you could do it.

Jed spent Saturday and Sunday putting in new gutters on their rental with a friend, Scott. Kyla spent the time running errands and cleaning up the yard a bit and then came out to eat dinner with us. Jed came a little later. You should have seen Emmy's face when she saw the new black chick. Her eyes were absolutely huge and she was so excited. This particular chick would hop on Jed's arm and run up to his neck. Here are some pictures of that chick and Jed.

Emmy named her "Peck"

Peck "pecked" Jed's neck

EEEEWWWW, Peck pooped on Jed's neck

The gnome appeared in my car in the drivers seat this morning all buckled in with a note attached saying "I wanna go for a drive with you, baby". Made me laugh. That Jill! I hate that is sooo ugly. But Dave won't allow me to get rid of it because it was a gift his aunt had painted for him years ago. The gnome has appeared in many places, but my favorite was the time I, naked, opened our shower door and there he was gazing up at me. Scared the 6:00 a.m. wits out of me. He has kind of a leer on his face.....slimy is all I can say! He is now in Jill's back pack in the back seat of her car waiting for her to figure it out when she gets out to go to class tonight. Apparently Jill tried to sleep with him last night....that will teach her for not making her bed. She couldn't tell the difference if there was a lump or just bunched up blankets. Obviously she eventually figured it out. But we are telling Wade about her cheating ways.

Monday, March 1, 2004

New Chicks and a Trip to the Coast

Kyla, Jed and Emma spent Saturday at the coast visiting the aquarium. Sunday evening they came to visit and have dinner with us and got to see the new baby chicks that Dave brought home. They are very cute I have to admit but they are living in a large cardboard box with a heat lamp, food and water in my utility room for now. We have to let them be here until they are big enough to go out to the chicken house because those hair brain hens we already have are not willing to take them as their own. So between kicking up cedar chips in their water and food and pooping everywhere in the box, we are kept pretty busy right now. But they are cute!

THE THREE........

FACES OF...........


Emmy and Kyla at the coast aquarium