Monday, February 24, 2003

Valentines Report, A Weird Rooster, New Hens, Nutty Cows and Fun With Emma

Valentines day was fun for Kyla, Jed, Jill, Wade, Kelli and Isaac. The girls cooked dinner and made special desserts for their valentines and decorated Kyla and Jed's house as the "Tunnel of Love" with hearts and lips. The guys were all blindfolded until they were led to the door and when Isaac's blindfold was taken off, he said he thought it was some kind of Gothic decor until he saw the hearts and lips because the tunnel was a gray and black stone wall. They served them a candlelight dinner and then watched "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" after dinner. Jill and Wade went home after that and Kyla, Jed, Kelli and Isaac went bowling.

We (Dave and I) kept Emmy over night and had a great time with her as always. We took her to Alton Baker Park and fed some ducks and geese and we took a walk over to EWEB to see the fountain that sprays water up from holes in the ground. On our way back she picked the one spot to step in dog doo and so off came her boot and we could not get the stuff off. So that ended the park visit and we had to carry her back to the car. So we had dinner, went home and she helped Grandad feed the cows and collect eggs. We got ready for bed and read a couple of stories.

Kyla standing before the "Tunnel of Love"

Jill standing before the "Tunnel of Love"

Wednesday my sister Barb and I went to dinner at El Toritos and then to a movie, "Catch Me If You Can". It was nice to get out together. We don't get to do it that often since I moved way out in the country.

This past weekend was filled with the usual things. Saturday I cleaned house and Dave worked on replacing some outlets and light switches in our bedroom. We went to town to pick out new glasses for Dave and then went to buy three young hens that are laying to add to our chickens.

Speaking of our animals, we have the craziest bunch. I think I mentioned that we have had kind of a strange chicken that we really couldn't tell if it was a hen or rooster. It wasn't laying eggs, but it didn't look like a rooster and we never saw it crow. However, after Dave butchered the other three roosters when they began fighting, I would hear kind of a half hearted sound after the one remaining rooster would crow in the mornings so I was suspicious but could never really catch who was doing it. Well when the new hens arrived he definitely started showing that he was indeed a rooster. I guess he just needed his own harem. The other rooster is really bugging me. He attacked me and Dave this weekend and got a couple of good kicks from both of us. He may have to go! Then there are the strange cows. Little Oreo is such a small shrimp. He thinks he is a lap dog or something. He moos at us every time he even sees movement outside or even through the windows. Then there is the big brown steer that Emma named "Brownie". He is so crazy. Every time Dave goes to feed them, he just practically dances around and he bucks and twists when he sees us coming. Brian watched him chase a deer yesterday and I had watched him chase our neighbors when they were riding on their four-wheelers. Good thing they are all on the other side of the fence. I don't think he is being mean......he acts like he is playing. Of course that starts all of them running.

Kyla and Emmy came to have dinner with us in the afternoon and then Emmy stayed with us while Kelli and Kyla went to see Maya Angelou at the University of Oregon. Jed was meeting with his group from school and then he came and ate and took Em home. Emmy and Grandad spent most of the evening chasing ladybugs and playing hide and seek. The weather was crisp but sunny and we had a delightful time.

Friday, February 14, 2003

Happy Valentines Day

Kelli was in middle school I believe when this picture was taken on Valentines Day. She really got in to the spirit of things......little did she know that those pictures could be used later. Watch out Isaac.
Today Kyla, Jill and Kelli have something special planned for Jed, Wade and Isaac. I can't say what just yet because it might spoil the occasion. However, Dave and I will be taking Emmy out to dinner with us and she is spending the night....more later.

Wednesday, February 12, 2003

MRI Results and a Day With Emma

Kyla just called from San Francisco with the great news that her scan was clean. We are all so relieved and thankful but none of us as much as she is. Her next scan is April 11th, almost a year since the treatment began. Thank you for all the prayers and good wishes....they make a huge difference.

Emmy and I have spent the day taking a walk in the sun and looking for special rocks, which means I have a pocket full of gravel and what not. She had to have a hot dog for lunch so we went to do that and ended up coming home with a Dora, the Explorer doll that dances and sings in Spanish and English. She loves those toys that drive her mom and dad nuts but what is a grandma supposed to do?

Spring is coming, I feel it!

Monday, February 10, 2003

Settling In, A Trip to the Coast and A New MRI Date

Kyla striking a pose at the lighthouse

Kyla and Jed are settling in their house and busy unpacking, organizing and raking lots of leaves. They did take a break Saturday and went to the coast with Jill to look at places to have Jill's wedding. I think Jill and Wade have decided to have the wedding at the Yaquina Head Lighthouse. Now we just hope the weather is good....cant' trust the Oregon coast. However, I guess we can have tents just in case. They are still deciding about the reception location but it will all work out.

Dave and I have been busy picking out the trim for the kitchen end of the house so we can get it put together before Kelli's graduation in June. We spent most of the weekend trimming bushes and cleaning the herb garden. I can't wait for the frost to be gone so I can plant flowers. We did manage to go see a couple of movies.....My Big Fat Greek Wedding and Antwone Fisher. Both were good for different reasons....but I especially like My Big Fat Greek Wedding because it was so funny. Some people say Dave is like the father in that movie and in some ways I have to agree.

Kyla is going to San Francisco this Wednesday, the 12th, for another MRI and we are all praying for great results. I will update as soon as I can after her scan.