Friday, March 18, 2005

Happy Birthday to Kelli

A belated Happy St. Patricks Day to all! Today is Kelli's birthday and we will be having a Napoleon Dynamite birthday for her. She loves that movie so we are doing kind of a theme for her. Kyla and Jill are kidnapping her and taking her to see an improv downtown after dinner with all of us and GG and Grandad Max. It will be good for all three girls to get out together. They have a lot of fun when they do.

Kyla had a doctors appointment on Wednesday as did Jill. Both are doing well and we are excited to have some new little ones in a few months. I kept Emmy at my office while Kyla was at her appointment and we printed out many Easter coloring pages as well as put together puzzles and drew on the chalk board. Saw our 20 turkeys strutting through the driveway this morning. The four males with their tails all fanned out were so comical.....they gobble at us whenever they hear any noises.

My niece, Kalli....isn't she just adorable?

Kelli bugging Napoleon......Gosh!!

Friday, March 4, 2005

MRI Results

Kyla's MRI scan was clear. It is such good news considering she hasn't had a scan for a while. Emma and I spent the past couple of days at home collecting eggs, having a teddy bear picnic, feeding our neighbors goats apple slices and carrots, coloring, putting together puzzles and baking. A fun few days.