Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Scan Date, Birthdays, A Baptism, Birds, Art and Play

Kyla has a new date for her MRI on May 7th. As usual our prayers are for a continued clear scan.

We have had a lot going on lately. Kelli celebrated her 19th birthday in March with a family party and ended up with two guitars. She was happy and decided to keep both. A few days later Dave and I celebrated our anniversary with a nice dinner out at Jake's. Then Jill was baptized in Wade's church the following Sunday. Charo's sister and two friends were here visiting from Spain and came for cake at Kelli's birthday. They spent most of their time on the go visiting Crater Lake, the Oregon Coast, Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon before returning home. They treated Dave and I to a lovely dinner while they were here.

Kelli celebrates nineteen years

Jill and siblings following the baptism

Charo and her sister enjoying Crater Lake

Emma's fourth birthday was celebrated with a Nemo theme party. She had several little friends over to help her. Kyla and Jed did a great job decorating the house to look like under water and I decorated the cake. Easter brunch was celebrated at our house with everyone including Grandad Max and GG. Emmy had the usual egg hunt on a beautiful spring afternoon.

Emma's "Finding Nemo" birhday cake

Emma's birthday party

Easter eggs

Jill and I woke to find a little finch on our deck just sitting there. He seemed to be OK but he didn't fly away and when Jill picked him up he just sat in her hand. We put him in our gazebo and left the windows open so he could escape and he flew up to the rafters and so we knew he could fly. Later he was gone so we are assuming he flew away.

The turkeys have been hanging out a lot this spring and we got some really great shots of the males with their tail feathers all fanned out. On Tuesday Barb and I visited Emma at the "Meet the Artist" event at the UO where the children in the preschool had their art exhibited. Emma was pretty proud.

Little finch

Proud turkey

Emmy the artist

Our little rebel 11 chicks are doing fine and are now able to roost in the chicken house. They are really funny to watch. I forgot to mention that Brian and Charo as well as her sister and two friends played a game of hopscotch at the Oregon coast and that Kelli was trying to teach Kyla and Jed at her birthday party how to do the "caterpillar". Here are the goofy pictures.

Chicks on a bar

Kyla and Jed have a learning curve

Brian in his hopscotch mode