Friday, November 11, 2005

MRI Results and Grandkids, Grandkids and Grandkids

Kyla's MRI showed a small white spot this time. But the doctor as well as the tumor board at UCSF thought that it looked like a blood vessel dying off from radiation effects and the IL-13 treatment. It was like this on one other scan a while back and that is what it turned out to be and had completely disappeared by the next scan. However, she will have to go back in December for another scan just to make sure.

Jill and Kelli went with Kyla this time and they decided to drive and spend one extra day for a little fun. These trips are usually quick over night trips and filled with anxiety for Kyla so they hoped to have a little fun. However, mother nature was not cooperating. They had to chain up over the mountain pass and had to stop and spend the night in Weed, CA because of two feet of snow. So it cut into their time but they took the coastal highway back so the roads were better.....just a bit longer.

Dave and I took care of the grand kids with help from Wade, Jed, GG and Jo, Jill's sister-in-law. There was only one afternoon/evening that we had all three at once. I do not know how parents of twins do this but we really enjoyed the time we spent with them. They are so darn cute!

Lucy in her Johnny Jump Up

Byron waking up after a nap

Emmy eating her dinner

Jill and Kelli laughing at Kyla with her posing

Kyla goofing off before her trip

Lucy wants to play with Byron so bad