Tuesday, September 2, 2003

Dinner, Sisters Vacation, Brian Goes To Spain

August has raced past me. Where does the time go?? We did manage to have a special dinner for Brian's friends. Charo's cousin, Isabella and friend, Miguel from Spain as well as Santiago, Luciara and Jen Simonds. They wanted a "traditional" American dinner which Brian seems to think is fried chicken, potatoes and gravy, corn on the cob, green salad and apple pie. So that's what they got, but personally I figure people from other countries probably think "Burger King" is traditional (at least in my dreams so I won't have to cook traditional). It was a very nice evening and they are all such a fun group.

Jen Simonds entertained all of us with singing and playing the piano while Emmy danced with her dad.

Monday, the 25th Dave and I joined friends for an Ems game and didn't get home til very late. But we won!!! I just returned from my annual "sisters vacation" where we had a great time. It was so nice to re-connect with everyone. Barb, Loretta, Lisa, Kyla, Kamisha, Kelli and Jill were all there. The only missing one was Kristi....we wish you could have been with us. Kelli made a run to Krispy Kremes in Portland and brought us all back a sample (like we all need that!). We shopped, visited, watched a couple of movies, took a day trip to the coast where Loretta's husband, treated us to a spectacular dinner (no he wasn't there....only provided the funds), made our craft which was a wind chime (mine was so ugly I had to start over later), Barb cooked us a wonderful dinner and her husband, Rick kindly let us all invade his home while he took a trip to visit his family.

Brian and Charo left for Spain today. He will be gone for a month visiting Seville (the city he will live in for four months while there for the exchange program beginning in January), Granada (where Charo now lives and works), Almeria (where Charo grew up) and I think Madrid (but I am not sure about that one) . He was pretty excited and should be arriving there around noon today. What a great experience!!