Friday, September 30, 2005

40th Birthday, Duck Game

September was so busy. Emma began kindergarten and is really loving it. She is meeting lots of new friends and (surprise!) likes recess best. She lost her second tooth on the bottom and the two top teeth are ready to go soon. Kyla is back to work now and is as busy as can be with the girls and such. Little Lucy is still growing and changing so fast. She is now smiling and cooing and laughed out loud for the first time. She still has acid reflux so she is pretty miserable with that but slowly improving.

Kelli is watching Emma and Lucy in the mornings and taking Emmy to and from school for this year. She is also taking classes and working delivering pizza too so we haven't seen much of her lately.

Jill and Wade are busy adjusting to being parents. Little Byron is growing like crazy and is already 11 1/2 pounds at 4 weeks. He is a big boy. In fact he looks as old and Lucy except he needs to fill out a little more. His hands and feet are bigger than hers.

Dave and the kids took me to a lovely dinner at Mookies Place for my birthday. They surprised me with a Sony digital photo printer and served me a lovely cake that Kyla, Jill and Kelli created.

Jay, Lori and their boys came to visit for a weekend to see the Ducks versus Fresno. It was a 40th birthday gift to Jay from Lori and the boys. We had a birthday dinner on Friday with Barb and Rick and on Saturday went to the game. It was a great time and the stadium was full. Good game (we won!) and good company. I don't know how they keep up with those crazy boys! They insisted on going swimming in our pool which was ice cold as well and always on the go! Made me tired just watching all that energy. Happy 40th Jay! Another brother, David, had a birthday in September also. Happy Birthday Dave!

Here are the pictures that I should have put up last month.

Little Byron David at one month

The monkey mural that Jill Painted

A view of Byron's monkey room

Vonda holding Byron on her birthday

Happy 40th Jay!!!

Allen, Jake and Trevor...Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil and See No Evil.....Don't let them fool you!!

Rick and Dave holding babies

Jay, Lori and boys at the Duck game

Look at those boys' faces!

The Duck Family

Little Hands

Lucy at four months

Lucy and Byron

Emmy spending time with Grandad and Grandma