Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Visit to Weiser, Update on Lucy, Spanish Travelers

Kyla came home from the hospital Saturday afternoon. She was very anxious to be home in her own environment (of course she had so much company all the time she needed to rest at home!). Dave and I took her dinner for that night so I got to feed and change Lucy while Kyla was in the shower. She is just absolutely darling. Emmy is having a bit of an adjustment and was very tired from all the excitement so she fell asleep in her bedroom while we were there. Poor lamb.

I don't think I have mentioned that both Charo and Brian are here for a few months. Charo is doing some work at the University and Brian is preparing his visa application to return to Spain as a graduate student. We love having them here even if it is for a short while. Brian hit the ground and started working for a friend. He landed a job at Hynix for the summer so we really haven't had much of a chance to see him. Since he doesn't have a car he has been using our green beast (truck). I think he may use most of his salary on the gas for that thing. He was happy for the extra money so he can buy a laptop for school.

Yesterday Emmy participated in a demonstration that Charo was giving on running a particular study. Kyla brought both of the girls to the experiment as she was already out and about having a doctor appointment and such. Emma did a terrific job and was really happy to see how her brain talked.

Dave's aunt passed away and Dave, Jill, Kelli and I made a quick trip to Weiser for the weekend to attend a memorial service for her. It was a very nice service and we had a lovely visit with family. Of course as we are driving through Eastern Oregon we happened upon a shoe tree (only in Eastern Oregon), the third one I have seen on that drive. It is very funny to see in the middle of nowhere.

Spring is here officially. We have a new litter of pigs across the road from our place. So cute and funny. We also have a female turkey with only one foot. Quite comical seeing just a leg with no foot on the end. We don't know how she lost it but the poor thing just hops around until she gets tired and then rests in the grass. If I can catch a good picture of her I will post it.

Kyla has her next MRI July 8th. Maybe I will get to watch Lucy and Emma while she is away.

Kelli's toothy smile in Weiser

My niece, Kalli reading her first book

Grandma Barb with her smart granddaughter

Uncle Aaron holds the thin child

Neighbors baby pigs

Little Lucy

Emmy participating in experiment while Gram and Lucy watch

Delpha, Mildred and Evelyn before Evelyn passed away

Jill and Kelli in front of one of the shoe trees

Jill in hot old Weiser, Idaho

This is the only kind of bird in our house

Friday, June 10, 2005

Baby Lucy Has Arrived

Kyla gave birth to Lucy Maye yesterday. Everything went well and both mommy and baby are doing great. Lucy weighed 7lbs. 9oz., was 20 1/2 inches long and has black hair and two dimples. She is so very adorable and Emmy is so proud and happy to have a new baby sister. I will write more later. But here are a couple of pictures.

Kyla with Emma and Lucy

Little Lucy Maye