Friday, July 22, 2005

4th of July, MRI Results, Birthday and the Tooth Fairy

The 4th of July was spent at our home with Mike and Linda, Mat, Jason, SaMara and their children as well as Barb and Rick and Delpha and Max. Mike fixed wonderful smoked pork sandwiches and we had lots of salads. The kids swam and chased butterflies and lizards. Brian couldn't visit long as he had to work so maybe before he leaves for Spain again, we can get everyone together. Speaking of Brian, he has been dealing with the Spanish Consulate in San Francisco about his visa for school. A long story but they are not easily satisfied with the information they request.

On the 8th Kyla went to San Francisco for another scan. It was clear and we are all very happy and relieved about this. It was the first scan using Magnetic Resonance Imaging Spectroscopy since her pregnancy (about a year). She had a few other regular MRI's but this one is an advanced imaging technique used to enhance traditional MRI images. She made it home a little later than expected as her flight was canceled and she had to catch a different one to Portland and rent a car and drive home. Dave and I kept Emmy and Lucy who kept us on our toes.

The next weekend we had Jill's birthday BBQ....Wade did a great job grilling the chicken and Jill seemed to enjoy herself even if she is miserable in this hot weather. She got a digital camera for her birthday...just in time for the birth of little Byron. Less than a month to go!!!

Little Lucy is growing so fast and is such a doll. Another big event----Emmy lost her first tooth and the tooth fairy left her not only money, but a note and a gold chocolate coin. We are getting ready to help Jill and Wade move this next weekend so all is well but busy.

Kelli holding little Lucy at the 4th of July BBQ

Little Lucy on Uncle Wade's lap

Kyla and Leslie at the birthday party

Jill, the birthday girl

A bunny that Emmy swears Gram and Grandad can catch and tame for her pet!

Emma loses her first tooth