Thursday, December 22, 2005

Surgery Date

The date for Kyla's surgery is December 27th. She is in San Francisco today getting all the pre-op things taken care of such as a scan, blood work up, etc. She will be back on Friday and will be able to spend Christmas with her little ones. I know she is happy about that but at the same time just wants to get this over with as quickly as possible. She is able to use the IL-13 treatment again thankfully. We will all leave on Monday the 26th and it looks as though we will be there a good 10 days. The infusion is set for January 2nd due to the holidays and weekends.

Kelli and I are watching Lucy and Emma for these couple of days so things are hectic. I will try to keep everyone updated while in San Francisco if possible. Thank you for all of your prayers and good wishes. Have a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year.

Monday, December 12, 2005

December MRI Results

Kyla's MRI on the 9th was not what we hoped for. The spot that was there last time has doubled in size and has been determined to be cancer. This is a new spot, not in the same location as the three years ago....that continues to be clear. The good news is that it is operable at this time and we are hoping to use the IL-13 treatment again. However, that is not a for sure thing since it is still tied up in FDA approval and she is no longer on that protocol. Dr. Butowski is trying his best to see if she can use it. If that is not an option he is talking like the Gamma Knife is the next option. He wants to get her in for surgery as soon as possible.....before Christmas. We are hoping to hear the date and outcome tomorrow some time. I will keep everyone posted when we find out.

Needless to say, we are anticipating being in San Francisco during the holidays and/or shortly after. So we are sorry to miss family and friends and want to wish everyone the very happiest of this holiday season and want you to take the time to hug your family and tell them how much you love them. Kyla is in good spirits and she has a strong faith and a strong family and friends network.

Friday, November 11, 2005

MRI Results and Grandkids, Grandkids and Grandkids

Kyla's MRI showed a small white spot this time. But the doctor as well as the tumor board at UCSF thought that it looked like a blood vessel dying off from radiation effects and the IL-13 treatment. It was like this on one other scan a while back and that is what it turned out to be and had completely disappeared by the next scan. However, she will have to go back in December for another scan just to make sure.

Jill and Kelli went with Kyla this time and they decided to drive and spend one extra day for a little fun. These trips are usually quick over night trips and filled with anxiety for Kyla so they hoped to have a little fun. However, mother nature was not cooperating. They had to chain up over the mountain pass and had to stop and spend the night in Weed, CA because of two feet of snow. So it cut into their time but they took the coastal highway back so the roads were better.....just a bit longer.

Dave and I took care of the grand kids with help from Wade, Jed, GG and Jo, Jill's sister-in-law. There was only one afternoon/evening that we had all three at once. I do not know how parents of twins do this but we really enjoyed the time we spent with them. They are so darn cute!

Lucy in her Johnny Jump Up

Byron waking up after a nap

Emmy eating her dinner

Jill and Kelli laughing at Kyla with her posing

Kyla goofing off before her trip

Lucy wants to play with Byron so bad

Monday, October 31, 2005

More Birthdays, Next MRI Date, Happy Halloween, Goodbye to a Friend

The beginning of this month said goodbye to a good friend and retired professor, Steve Keele, who passed away from an inoperable brain tumor. I so much enjoyed talking to him about huckleberries, his horses, cows and trips he had made and admired his work as an educator. He will be greatly missed!

The month has been a busy one. Emma helped me pick out fabric to make her "Glynda, The Good Witch" Halloween costume so I spent most of the month sewing. Jill dressed up little Byron as a yard gnome, much to my sadness. Poor little boy! Little Lucy was a Winnie the Pooh Honey Pot and they really looked cute. We had a weekend visit from Alicia, my niece, who is going to school in Portland. She gave us copies of her beautiful art work, one of which was a pencil drawing of Lucy and Emma. She is very talented! Thanks Alicia for sharing with us. I also spent a little time in our pool, but not by choice. I guess you could say I was trying to have a "shocking experience". I was using the electric leaf blower and tripped and fell in backwards with the blower going. I don't know why I was not electrocuted but the blower shut off as soon as it hit the water. I have never swam so fast in my life.....a little spooked I guess! Glad we live out where no one could see how silly I looked!

We had more birthdays this month. Happy Birthday to Max, Lisa, Marisa, Brian, Braedyn and Dave as well as Happy Anniversary to Max and Delpha! We took Max and Delpha to dinner with Mike and Linda for his birthday at River Ranch and went to Braedyn's birthday party as well as had a family dinner/party for Dave. Brian had to spend his 30th alone in Spain but we called him and celebrated by having his favorite thing, huckleberry sauce on cheesecake. If it counts Brian, we love you and were thinking of you with every bite! Halloween was spent with Max & Delpha since it was their anniversary and Dave's birthday. We also had a nice lunch with Tony while he visited.

Kyla goes to San Francisco next week for an MRI. Jill and Kelli will go with her this time and spend an extra day doing something fun. These visits are usually very quick and make Kyla very anxious so it will be good for her to have a distraction. I will watch the grand kids which will keep us all very busy.

Lucy and Byron

Another tooth lost for Emmy

Auntie Kelli snoozing with Byron

Lucy and her big smile

Grandad Dave holding little Byron

Glynda the Good Witch, Yard Gnome and Honeypot

Poor little Byron as the Yard Gnome

Lucy as Honeypot

Emmy as Glynda the Good Witch

Friday, September 30, 2005

40th Birthday, Duck Game

September was so busy. Emma began kindergarten and is really loving it. She is meeting lots of new friends and (surprise!) likes recess best. She lost her second tooth on the bottom and the two top teeth are ready to go soon. Kyla is back to work now and is as busy as can be with the girls and such. Little Lucy is still growing and changing so fast. She is now smiling and cooing and laughed out loud for the first time. She still has acid reflux so she is pretty miserable with that but slowly improving.

Kelli is watching Emma and Lucy in the mornings and taking Emmy to and from school for this year. She is also taking classes and working delivering pizza too so we haven't seen much of her lately.

Jill and Wade are busy adjusting to being parents. Little Byron is growing like crazy and is already 11 1/2 pounds at 4 weeks. He is a big boy. In fact he looks as old and Lucy except he needs to fill out a little more. His hands and feet are bigger than hers.

Dave and the kids took me to a lovely dinner at Mookies Place for my birthday. They surprised me with a Sony digital photo printer and served me a lovely cake that Kyla, Jill and Kelli created.

Jay, Lori and their boys came to visit for a weekend to see the Ducks versus Fresno. It was a 40th birthday gift to Jay from Lori and the boys. We had a birthday dinner on Friday with Barb and Rick and on Saturday went to the game. It was a great time and the stadium was full. Good game (we won!) and good company. I don't know how they keep up with those crazy boys! They insisted on going swimming in our pool which was ice cold as well and always on the go! Made me tired just watching all that energy. Happy 40th Jay! Another brother, David, had a birthday in September also. Happy Birthday Dave!

Here are the pictures that I should have put up last month.

Little Byron David at one month

The monkey mural that Jill Painted

A view of Byron's monkey room

Vonda holding Byron on her birthday

Happy 40th Jay!!!

Allen, Jake and Trevor...Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil and See No Evil.....Don't let them fool you!!

Rick and Dave holding babies

Jay, Lori and boys at the Duck game

Look at those boys' faces!

The Duck Family

Little Hands

Lucy at four months

Lucy and Byron

Emmy spending time with Grandad and Grandma

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Weasel Hunt, Back to Spain, Byron Arrives, Year 50 for Gary

August has gone by in a blur. To catch up....Charo and Brian have both gone back to Spain. Brian to Madrid where he is working on his MA in Spanish and Charo to Granada where she is working on her research. We really miss them but perhaps we can visit this next year. It would be wonderful to go to Spain for our 25th anniversay (hint, hint Dave!). Before Charo left she taught Kyla and I how to make a real Spanish Paella. The evening was very fun and we even got to sit on the back deck and relax with some other friends. On Saturday, the 6th was Jill's baby shower. Kristi and Pat came along with Jordy, Addie and Lexie. It was so good to spend time with them but of course nothing goes smoothly around here. Before leaving on Sunday Jordie had a bike wreck and ended up having stitches in his knee. Nothing worse than road rash! Of course that put them back home VERY late. Thanks for coming guys. We love you. But Jill and Wade received so many nice baby gifts and are so excited.

Barb and I drove to the coast for the day on the 12th just to get away. It was a crazy day beginning with a misunderstanding of where to meet in the morning and ending with me not being able to get the key in the pickup ignition. In between we saw a car wreck and Barb and her car were called "Tubby" by a big Tubby woman for blocking part of an intersection. We could really do nothing but look at each other and just laugh when she shouted at us. On the 13th we celebrated Gary's 50th birthday at Mike and Linda's home. He doesn't look a day over ummm about 55! (heh!.....sorry Gary, just couldn't resist).

The week of the 15th we had a family dinner with all of us as well and Grandad and Gram Evans and Mike and Linda to say good-bye to Brian. I made his huckleberry pie for him the next evening (this is for an early birthday since he will be gone again on his birthday). Then I took him to the Portland airport early on the 18th. We miss him so much already!

We had a great chicken massacre the beginning of the month. A weasel killed all but four of our chickens and so we have now bought 6 more and keep a radio on at night to keep the creatures away. I think it makes for very smart hens. I guess we will know when they report the news to us each day. But with all the weasel talk, we kept Emma and Lucy over night one Friday and Emma made Dave go on a weasel hunt. I had to laugh because he asked her what she would do if she caught one and she gave him an exasperated look and said "Grandad, we are just hunting for weasels, not catching them".

Finally for the biggest news this month, Jill and Wade had their baby, little Byron today. He was born at around 4:20 pm weighing in at 9lbs, 7oz, 20 3/4 inches long. He has lots of black hair and big hands and feet. Jill painted a cute monkey in a tree in his room and is all set to bring him home from the hospital.

I will put up pictures a little later.

Friday, July 22, 2005

4th of July, MRI Results, Birthday and the Tooth Fairy

The 4th of July was spent at our home with Mike and Linda, Mat, Jason, SaMara and their children as well as Barb and Rick and Delpha and Max. Mike fixed wonderful smoked pork sandwiches and we had lots of salads. The kids swam and chased butterflies and lizards. Brian couldn't visit long as he had to work so maybe before he leaves for Spain again, we can get everyone together. Speaking of Brian, he has been dealing with the Spanish Consulate in San Francisco about his visa for school. A long story but they are not easily satisfied with the information they request.

On the 8th Kyla went to San Francisco for another scan. It was clear and we are all very happy and relieved about this. It was the first scan using Magnetic Resonance Imaging Spectroscopy since her pregnancy (about a year). She had a few other regular MRI's but this one is an advanced imaging technique used to enhance traditional MRI images. She made it home a little later than expected as her flight was canceled and she had to catch a different one to Portland and rent a car and drive home. Dave and I kept Emmy and Lucy who kept us on our toes.

The next weekend we had Jill's birthday BBQ....Wade did a great job grilling the chicken and Jill seemed to enjoy herself even if she is miserable in this hot weather. She got a digital camera for her birthday...just in time for the birth of little Byron. Less than a month to go!!!

Little Lucy is growing so fast and is such a doll. Another big event----Emmy lost her first tooth and the tooth fairy left her not only money, but a note and a gold chocolate coin. We are getting ready to help Jill and Wade move this next weekend so all is well but busy.

Kelli holding little Lucy at the 4th of July BBQ

Little Lucy on Uncle Wade's lap

Kyla and Leslie at the birthday party

Jill, the birthday girl

A bunny that Emmy swears Gram and Grandad can catch and tame for her pet!

Emma loses her first tooth

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Visit to Weiser, Update on Lucy, Spanish Travelers

Kyla came home from the hospital Saturday afternoon. She was very anxious to be home in her own environment (of course she had so much company all the time she needed to rest at home!). Dave and I took her dinner for that night so I got to feed and change Lucy while Kyla was in the shower. She is just absolutely darling. Emmy is having a bit of an adjustment and was very tired from all the excitement so she fell asleep in her bedroom while we were there. Poor lamb.

I don't think I have mentioned that both Charo and Brian are here for a few months. Charo is doing some work at the University and Brian is preparing his visa application to return to Spain as a graduate student. We love having them here even if it is for a short while. Brian hit the ground and started working for a friend. He landed a job at Hynix for the summer so we really haven't had much of a chance to see him. Since he doesn't have a car he has been using our green beast (truck). I think he may use most of his salary on the gas for that thing. He was happy for the extra money so he can buy a laptop for school.

Yesterday Emmy participated in a demonstration that Charo was giving on running a particular study. Kyla brought both of the girls to the experiment as she was already out and about having a doctor appointment and such. Emma did a terrific job and was really happy to see how her brain talked.

Dave's aunt passed away and Dave, Jill, Kelli and I made a quick trip to Weiser for the weekend to attend a memorial service for her. It was a very nice service and we had a lovely visit with family. Of course as we are driving through Eastern Oregon we happened upon a shoe tree (only in Eastern Oregon), the third one I have seen on that drive. It is very funny to see in the middle of nowhere.

Spring is here officially. We have a new litter of pigs across the road from our place. So cute and funny. We also have a female turkey with only one foot. Quite comical seeing just a leg with no foot on the end. We don't know how she lost it but the poor thing just hops around until she gets tired and then rests in the grass. If I can catch a good picture of her I will post it.

Kyla has her next MRI July 8th. Maybe I will get to watch Lucy and Emma while she is away.

Kelli's toothy smile in Weiser

My niece, Kalli reading her first book

Grandma Barb with her smart granddaughter

Uncle Aaron holds the thin child

Neighbors baby pigs

Little Lucy

Emmy participating in experiment while Gram and Lucy watch

Delpha, Mildred and Evelyn before Evelyn passed away

Jill and Kelli in front of one of the shoe trees

Jill in hot old Weiser, Idaho

This is the only kind of bird in our house

Friday, June 10, 2005

Baby Lucy Has Arrived

Kyla gave birth to Lucy Maye yesterday. Everything went well and both mommy and baby are doing great. Lucy weighed 7lbs. 9oz., was 20 1/2 inches long and has black hair and two dimples. She is so very adorable and Emmy is so proud and happy to have a new baby sister. I will write more later. But here are a couple of pictures.

Kyla with Emma and Lucy

Little Lucy Maye

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Fishing, Year 27 and Mothers Day

Dave and I took Emmy fishing at Alton Baker Park the last Friday in April. Kyla bought her a cute fishing pole just her size and she practiced casting in her back yard. Much to our surprise, she can really cast that hook and line out to the middle of the water. She patiently fished for a while before we had to move to a different spot. We did get to see some really cute ducklings with their mama swimming as she fished which helped with the boredom and lack of bites. A little ice cream helped in the end since we didn't catch anything.

Happy birthday to Kyla. We had her birthday dinner on Sunday the 1st since she wanted Dave's famous seafood chowder. GG and Grandad Max came to help her celebrate as well as Jill, Wade and Kelli. On the 3rd (her actual birthday) she went home after picking up Emmy from preschool and was trying to fix herself some lunch. She had a grand mal seizure in the kitchen and Emma did so great. She was scared but managed to get help from the neighbor. Kyla had just weaned herself off of Keppra a couple of days before so they put her back on it. She had another smaller seizure on Saturday while down town. After being monitored she went home with an increase in dosage. The nurse said that in the last trimester of pregnancy it is not unusual for this to happen to someone who is prone to seizures. We all pray that she can get through this last four weeks of her pregnancy and have a healthy baby and heal.

On a mothers note (me) I am so sad to see her so heart broken by all that has transpired from Jed. He will never fully understand how much he is/was  loved by her. I can't help but think that this stress along with the pregnancy might be causing the seizures. 

The kids took Dave and I to a brunch at Ambrosia on Sunday for Mothers Day where the food was pretty great. Then Dave took me to buy a couple of hanging plants. A special happy Mothers Day to my mom, my mother-in-law, and a very special Happy Mothers Day to Kyla who is such a terrific mom and to Jill who will be a first time mom soon.

Emmy and Grandad fishing

Four little ducklings with their mommy

Happy 27th birthday to Kyla......We love you!

Emma modeling the new dress from GG and Grandad Max