Thursday, September 21, 2006


Time marches on even though we are missing Kyla so much. The celebration of life was nice and all of our families and many co-workers and friends attended. We had a gathering at our home following the service for family and Barb, Kristi and Mike outdid themselves providing all of the food and drinks. I felt in a fog for that day/evening and still do sometimes. All we can do is take each day one at a time. 

The inurnment was done on September 5th. Brian, Jill, Wade, Kelli, Emma, Dave, I and Dave's parents were all there and decorated her memorial with a tribute to her life. I will try to put a picture up later when I have one. Brian and Charo have gone back to Spain. Brian is preparing to begin a new job this next week and looking for a place to live. He has been pretty homesick especially given all that has happened in our family lately. He was undecided if he wanted to go back but decided to give it a try at least until Christmas. He will be coming home for the holidays and perhaps will be feeling a little better by then.

Jill and Kelli are keeping quite busy and seem to be coping. I know they miss Kyla like crazy. We sorted through Kyla's belongings because Jed moved last weekend. So I think most things are taken care of now. Emma has begun a new school and is playing soccer. Little Lucy is with new day care providers and seems to be doing OK. We have been able to keep the girls every weekend since Kyla's service which really helps me with missing her.

Perhaps I will update this once in a while to keep everyone updated on the girls.

A slide show like this was played at Kyla's memorial service. She loved this first song and it somehow speaks of how she felt about family. The second song was one I chose because it just speaks to me of her life song. The third song her siblings chose to go with the photos of her with her girls.

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