Sunday, August 13, 2006

Goodbye To Our Lovely Kyla

Kyla passed away at 3:10 pm today.

All of us (Brian, Jill, Kelli, Wade, Charo, Dave and I) were with her. She did not suffer and went very peacefully just as we prayed. We were so very blessed to have her for as long as we did and to take care of her until the end. God blessed her with so many wonderful people that cared about her and we wish to thank everyone who expressed that to her and to us. All of the donations, cards, and phone calls are so very much appreciated. We have been surrounded by love all the way through this process. I will let everyone know the date, time and place for the celebration of life as soon as we find out more details. We are hoping for this next Saturday.

The day before Kyla passed away I sent Jill and Kelli to buy a pair of pajamas for Kyla that she could be wearing at the end. They did a beautiful job and came back with pale pink silk pajamas and a surprise for me. They could not resist. They bought three pairs of gnome pajamas, one for each of them and one for me. So last night they made me put on mine and Dave took a picture of us. Silly girls. I know this is something that Kyla was laughing dislike for gnomes was a great source of entertainment for her as well as her siblings. I want to also note that Jill and Kelli took the time to put matching polish on Kyla's toes and their own the evening prior to her death. One last thing to do together. Such love.

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