Saturday, August 12, 2006


Kyla is sleeping all the time now and after talking with Hospice we have her tremors which turned out to be small seizures under control. Hospice could not send anyone out when I requested it because they are short staffed so I worked with the nurse on phone duty. She was very helpful but I could really use some support to know about time and things. A woman in contact with us was kind enough to direct me to a web site that she had made up for end of life and what to expect for brain tumor patients. After taking care of her father she felt this was something that was needed. Indeed it did help me tremendously as the nurse from hospice had never gone over these things with me.

I also talked with my mom who has taken care of many dying patients and she was able to walk me through some things to expect as well. She was probably the most helpful of all to me both medically and emotionally. Thank you mom! I love you tremendously.

Jill and Kelli spent last night and are spending tonight with us and we are taking turns staying in the room with Kyla since we know that the time is near. Her breathing is very ragged and slowing somewhat. Dave moved an easy chair in her room for us to sit in. I could not bear it if she was alone.

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Rich said...

Hello Vonda,

You don't know us... we are Rich and Joanne Empens of Eugene. Our son Cory died last week after a five year battle with brain cancer. Yes, a glioblastoma. Cory followed Kyla's journey closely since he was diagnosed in 2004. He even had the same doctors as Kyla - Kokkino, Monticelli, and Freifield, and also had to make the journey to UCSF. His story parallels Kyla's so much. Your website has helped us tremendously at this time, and will continue to do so in the future. We would love to hear from you sometime. Our email is and Cory's memorial service is this Saturday February 28th 2009 at 4:00p.m. at Valley River Inn. We would be honored if you could attend. Thanks, Rich Empens